Hydroelectric Facilities

Maintenance & Overhaul

We are experienced in maintaining many different types of hydroelectric generating stations. Some of the projects that we have been contracted for are:

  • Penstock fabrication and maintenance, including wood, steel and concrete
  • Custom services on speed increasers, hydraulic power units, gearboxes, stop logs, gates, railings & catwalks
  • Generator/turbine overhauls and upgrades including Francis, Kaplan, Crossflow & Pelton style turbines
  • Unit inspections
  • Installation of new units and stationary/rotational alignments

Steel Fabrication

Stop Logs

  • available in aluminum, stainless or mild steel.

Stop Log Gantry

  • custom stop log gantry, fabricated in aluminum, stainless or mild steel.

Intake Gates

  • custom intake gates fabricated in mild steel and hot dipped galvanized.

Trash Racks

  • custom trash racks fabricated in mild steel and hot dipped galvanized.

We provide installation services to ensure that your custom fabricated steel work fits perfectly with your station.

Call or Email us today to find out how we can help with your hydroelectric project.

Little's Welding & Machine Shop Hydro-Electric Sulzer Turbine

Sulzer Turbine

Little's Welding & Machine Shop Hydro Electric Wicket Gate Inspection Adjustment

Wicket Gate Inspection Adjustment